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12 Types of Sofas: Buyers' Guide to Right Sofa Choice

You may think all sofas are the same, with the traditional seatings, arms, cushions, and legs, but there are more types of sofas than most people would guess. So, if you are confused about which sofa type is the best choice for your living room, that’s quite understandable.

Most sofa styles are characterized by their size, arm, and back shape, which make them more distinct than others. It’s okay if you can’t distinguish them now. As Doğtaş modern furniture store, we will show you how. By the end of this guide, you will become a sofa expert and be able to tell the most common sofa types.

1. Sectional Sofas

white modern sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are one of the most popular types of sofas. The section sofa is composed of multiple independent pieces, with a common number of 3 to 5 pieces. Due to this quality, most section sofas can be arranged in different positions, unlike one-piece traditional sofas. Typically, the majority of this type of sofa will include a seat cushion and back cushion.

Many people find sectional sofas very practical and highly desirable because of the versatile nature and variety of model choices. Two of the most common configurations are L-shaped and U-shaped.

2. Mid-Century Modern Sofas

armchair with modern lines

Mid-century modern furniture pieces were highly trendy from the 1930s to the 1970s. But they are not fully out of style yet. With its minimalist design and clean lines, mid-century modern sofas still have it.

These types of sofas may not be the most comfortable choice you can find, but they will look fabulous with the right home design combinations. If you purchase a high-quality modern sofa, you can add on the comfort as well.

3. Chesterfield Sofas

blue chesterfield sofa set

Chesterfield sofas are one of the types of sofas that stood strong in the test of time. Being one of the most well-known sofa designs, a Chesterfield sofa is a large couch with rolled arms. The original design is upholstered in dark leather and has deep button tufting all over and nailhead trim.

Modern Chesterfield sofa designs, on the other hand, took a lighter turn and exchanged the hefty original with velvet and other cloth upholstery. They typically have taller legs and a slimmer back and arms.

4. Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds

convertible sofa chair

Sleeper sofas hide a metal frame and a thin mattress beneath the cushions that can be pulled out to make a bed. Sofa beds, on the other hand, are designed to lay out flat and form a bed. Both of these types of sofas are perfect for small spaces, for example, when decorating studio apartments.

Apart from regular sleeper sofas and sofa beds, sleeper sectional sofas are also growing in popularity. If you want the stunning modern look of a sectional sofa but need an extra bed space, they are just the right fit for you.

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5. Loveseat Sofas

velvet sofa armchair

You might not be familiar with the term “loveseat,” but it’s just an umbrella term for a traditional sofa with two seats. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, such as cabriole or camelback.

Preferably, you can use loveseats to form a small sitting area or, if small enough, a bench at the foot of your bed. There are four loveseat categorizations based on their arm-to-arm length. These are:

  • Compact loveseats: one person up to 51 inches long,
  • Small ones: 52 inches long,
  • Medium-size: 58 inches long,
  • Full loveseats: up to 64 inches long, and
  • Loveseat sofas: up to 71 inches long.

6. Relax Mechanism Sofas

modern armchair with relaxation mechanism

These types of sofas have a mechanism that applies to two or more seats allowing you to lower your back, lift the footrest, or move the back part of the sofa. This ensures extra comfort and relaxation.

Doğtaş Madrid gray sofa, for example, lets you easily move the back mechanism and brings unsurpassed comfort to your body.

7. English Rolled Arm

orange leather sofa with white wall

The English rolled arm or the English sofa is defined by its low arms in relation to its high back. Deep seats, tight backs characterize these types of sofas, and of course, rolled arms. It is the kind of sofa you would come across in a London townhouse or Georgian rectory, but they are used outside of England too. Since the English sofa is decently cushioned all over, including the arms, it makes a great comfy choice.

8. Divan

You might have heard the term “divan” in some Middle East context, but what is a divan exactly? Simply put, a divan is a sofa without a back. Therefore, this couch-like sitting furniture requires being placed against a bare wall to be supported with pillows. While they may not be the most practical choice, you can fit them perfectly in a bohemian home interior.

9. Camelback Sofas

vintage style sofa and armchair

The camelback-style sofa is an 18th-century design that has never fallen out of style. It is characterized by a dramatically arched back, exposed wood legs, and frequently exposed wood on top of the back and arms. These types of sofas are well-suited for ornate and classical designs.

10. Ottomans

an ottoman in front of the window

Ottomans are single-piece furniture, generally without a back or arms. Sometimes, they may come as a low upholstered couch or smaller cushioned seats used as a stool or footstool. Some ottomans may also have a lid under the seat cushion that provides extra storage space for small items like magazines or linens.

11. Chaise Lounge

modern chaise chair in the classic living room

A chaise lounge is an upholstered sofa that is elongated to support the legs. These types of sofas are still very popular, especially in bedroom suites. Some chaise lounge sofas have arms while others may not. It brings together the touch of luxury and a place to relax in a half-sitting, half-lying position.

12. Tuxedo Sofas

sofa set in a room where decorated modern style

The arms and the back of the tuxedo sofa are the same height as the Chesterfield sofa. It is characterized by high arms, a clean-lined, rectangular shape with a tufted back and seat cushions, and wood legs.

Note that these types of sofas are not the most comfortable sofas due to the lack of a reclining angle on the back part. However, they have a classy look with straight, clean-cut lines.



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